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Healthy Teens, Healthy Schools: How Media Literacy Can Renew Education in the United States

My second book, Healthy Teens, Healthy Schools: How Media Literacy Can Renew Education in the United States (in press, Rowman & Littlefield) is intended for educators across levels and contexts in the shared responsibility of building critical media health literacy among adolescents. While the topic of health in the U.S. is predominantly framed as an individual choice and set of elective/learned behaviors, there are powerful institutional forces that both facilitate and impede widespread health literacy. It fully supports the “alignment, integration, and collaboration” model that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) release in July 2014. It makes sense in the 21st century for health promotion and public education to join forces in a systemic fashion.

Read an excerpt from the [Introduction]

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