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Throw Back Media @NAMLE2015

What a great weekend in Philadelphia with media and information literacy educators from across the globe—convening for the 2015 NAMLE/MILID conference. The theme this year was “Celebrating Connectivity Across Cultures” and the Modern Media Makers (M3) youth media production team worked around the clock to develop some thoughtful pieces of media. I am particularly fond of the “Throwback Media” group, especially hearing my media literacy peeps respond (knuckle bumps to Rhys Daunic, Cyndy Scheibe, Faith Rogow, and Sox Sperry). And, okay, I admit I like this video also because this cherubic team of Modern Media Makers interviewed me at around the 2:28 mark (and actually included me in the reel). View the video below to find out pivotal moments in our media histories (and how I learned that Elvis had died). And “like” the video to show your support for these creative and critically-minded media producers. As wonder-woman, Tiffany Shlain says, “The Future Starts Here.”

Indeed, the future looks promising for media and information literacy education.