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My Scholarly Love Letter to Neil Postman

Last week I had the privilege of delivering a guest lecture in Christopher McKinley’s “Introduction to Communication and Media Arts” course among 135 undergraduate students. My 25-minute presentation emerged as quite the scholarly love letter to the late Neil Postman, who was my doctoral advisor in media ecology at New York University from 1995-1998. My lecture is titled, “A Very Brief and Highly Autobiographical Introduction to Media Literacy Education,” and what fun I had reflecting upon my lifelong pursuit of communication, education and technology. And it’s probably the closest I’ll get to doing a TED talk. Enjoy.


If you like the presentation, you will soon be able to read more in my contributory chapter to Renee Hobbs’ forthcoming edited volume: Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative (Temple University Press, 2015).

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