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Jim Burke of Participant Media gave an excellent keynote address this past July at the National Association for Media Literacy Education Conference in Torrence, California. Participant Media brought us great films such as Lincoln, Food, Inc., and The Help. Not only do I admire Jim for his charisma and sense of humor, but he’s a former school teacher and principal (he’s earned his sainthood).  At the NAMLE Conference, Jim gave us a sneak peek of Pivot TV—Participant Media’s new TV network that debuted in August. This is finally the kind of TV those of us who are in media literacy have been pining for. Pivot TV, like Participant Media’s other projects, is about using storytelling for social justice and community change.  You will not regret spending the next hour or so to watch Jim’s keynote:

I appreciate how Participant Media connects smart media content (a powerful story) with measurable social action. I am deeply interested in their media and digital literacy campaign titled, “Eyes Wide Open.” The campaign

is about getting to the heart of the story, filtering facts from fluff, posting the good stuff, and giving privacy a second thought. It is Pivot’s digital and media literacy campaign and it will provide Millennials with information and tools to use media effectively.

Here’s a taste of the Eyes Wide Open campaign:

It is both serendipitous and hopeful that a media company can elevate its mission and not only tap into the best of humanity, but also leverage powerful storytelling to compel citizens to engage in socially just ways. Thanks, Jim.

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