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  • Reimagining Post-Pandemic Schooling

    by Dr. Vanessa E. Greenwood, C+MRC Founder & Director The most amazing moment of virtual reality is when you leave it, not when you’re in it . . . You have really never seen reality until you’ve just come out of virtual reality. Jaron Lanier, virtual reality pioneer March 2016 marked the consumer public debut […]

  • Health Media Literacy

    “Teen’s junk food diet caused boy to go blind.” “Even one diet soda a day may triple your risk for developing dementia.” “Dark chocolate may help prevent some forms of cancer.” These are just a few of the health news headlines (or click bait?) that we consume on a daily basis. But they rarely reflect […]

  • Media Literacy from the Beginning

    I am so excited to be a part of Right from the Start in the Digital Age launched by FHI 360 this week—during the inaugural Media Literacy Week in the United States. “Right from the Start” is  a national initiative focusing on children in grades PreK-3. It aims to encourage good digital citizenship and to […]

  • Throw Back Media @NAMLE2015

    What a great weekend in Philadelphia with media and information literacy educators from across the globe—convening for the 2015 NAMLE/MILID conference. The theme this year was “Celebrating Connectivity Across Cultures” and the Modern Media Makers (M3) youth media production team worked around the clock to develop some thoughtful pieces of media. I am particularly fond […]

  • Join us at NAMLE in Philly this summer

    Interested in joining me to learn more about media literacy & media use in the classroom? I am very excited about the eclectic program I’ve assembled of some of the best and brightest media literacy scholars, educators, practitioners, activists and artists around.

  • 10 Steps to Media and Technology Literacy

    Rather than simply use technology to support instruction, I firmly believe that media technologies exist to transform teaching and learning in a reciprocally innovative relationship between teacher and student (both of which are learners). With that said, many teachers are swimming (some even drowning) in a sea of curriculum standards that have been imposed upon them. I […]

  • “This is Media” Screening and Panel Discussion

    Thanks to a grant from the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) and pivot tv, Montclair State University‘s College of Education and Human Services hosted a free screening of the 22-minute documentary “Eyes Wide Open: This is Media” on Wednesday, February 19th in University Hall 1050. A panel of communication and education professionals discussed digital and […]

  • Media Ecologies of Health Literacy

    Government officials and medical professionals are greatly concerned about the health of children (ages 6-11) in the United States due to the increase in obesity-related illnesses. Risk factors include increased physical inactivity through the chronic uses of digital media and technologies and the lack of physical activity during school. While health education is required within […]