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  • Teachers on the PLAYground

    I teach 60 pre-service teachers (undergrads) a one-credit technology module (Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum). I interface with students from English, History, Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Sciences, and Mathematics for 15 weeks online, during their field work semester, but prior to student teaching. While online teaching has its challenges (as I wrote ten years ago), it […]

  • A Media Literacy Tour Through the Common Core

    Join Faith Rogow and me at the NAMLE 2013 Conference in Torrence, CA on July 12th for an exclusive “tour” of the wonders of inquiry-based media literacy education, including how to use MLE methods to effectively implement many of the Common Core Standards. We will blend pedagogy with practice in an entertaining and interactive session […]

  • Healthy Teens, Healthy Schools

    My second book is intended for educators across levels and contexts in our shared responsibility to cultivate critical media health literacy among teens. While the topic of health in the U.S. is predominantly framed as an individual choice and set of elective/learned behaviors, there are powerful institutional forces that both facilitate and impede widespread health literacy. […]

  • Critical Media Health Literacy

    Just when I think cultivating healthy kids and healthy schools is too much of an uphill battle, I am inspired by young people (and the adults in their lives) like Zach Maxwell who understand what it means to be both creative and critical in their uses of media technology to navigate treacherous waters of youth. In this case, it’s […]

  • Media Literacy and Adolescent Health

    In 2010 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services identified health literacy as a priority area for national action in both the public and private sectors through A National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy. The plan specifically identified the type of education where “students can learn to be critical thinkers and seekers of […]

  • Journal of Media Literacy Education 5:1

    Two years ago, the most powerful earthquake ever to have hit Japan occurred off the coast of Tohoku. Nearly a half million buildings fully or partially collapsed; widespread power outages and nuclear accidents occurred; and tens of thousands of people were injured and killed. Less than five percent of the damage was caused by the […]

  • The Culture of Media Violence

    This 30-minute PBS special “After Newtown | What Next: Violence in the Media” (air date: 12/22/2012) portrays an in-depth analysis on the culture of violence in the media. At the 23-minute mark, NAMLE Vice President, Dr. Vanessa Domine, speaks to the complex issues surrounding children, media and violence.        

  • Media Ecologies of Health Literacy

    Government officials and medical professionals are greatly concerned about the health of children (ages 6-11) in the United States due to the increase in obesity-related illnesses. Risk factors include increased physical inactivity through the chronic uses of digital media and technologies and the lack of physical activity during school. While health education is required within […]

  • Media and Real Life Violence

    Last week 12 theater-goers were senselessly shot and killed and 58 others injured during a midnight premier of a popular Hollywood film in Aurora, Colorado.  President Obama and leaders from across the world reached out with condolences to the victim’s families and a community and a nation once again stricken with grief and sadness. Those […]

  • Journal of Media Literacy Education

    When my colleague Amy Jensen passed the co-editor baton to me this past February, it prompted me to reflect upon the original goals of the JMLE. I witnessed the debut of the first issue at the 2009 National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) Conference in Detroit as both a contributing scholar and also as one […]

  • Future of Media Literacy

    Future of Media Literacy

    School Video News interviewed Dr. Vanessa Domine at the 2009 National Association for Media Literacy Education Conference in Detroit. The interviewer is Eberly DeVault from School Video News.